Black Viper

Black Viper pure bloods are lightning fast and poisonous, extremely poisonous!          

Black Leech

The Black Leech pure breeds are shy and small… on the other hand their pray seldom realist they were the main course.    

Black Chieftain

The most powerful and cunning of the Black Dragons, Black Chieftain pure breeds will almost exclusively¬† be on ruling over its domain.  

Red Furious

Red Dragon Furious, the name doesn’t do them justice one you see one of the pure breeds in combat, a fury of claws and teeth.  

RED Firefly

Red Dragon Firefly or sometimes referred to as Firebug. The first thing one notices is that more then others of this species is it’s capacity to produce… well fire. The name Firefly or Firebug was given as first you would spot the flying flame, and that is when you realize its a Firefly pure breed. […]

Red Ram

  Red Ram Dragon pure breeds are built to meet their opposition head on, and that is what they do.    

Dragons Arena Rule set V0.1

If you agree that games must be grand and challenging! TMS Dragons Arena is being designed for the more demanding gamers, for those who engage and demand more of their game The things we are working to include in the game mechanic; Unique game system. Simultaneous turns, so your always occupied and engaged. Beautiful models, […]

Dragons Duel Rule Set (v0.8)

We can all agree that games must be fun, enjoyable, and exiting! TMS Dragons Duel was designed with that in mind.¬† The game features; Unique game system, making it a game of skill, not chance. Simultaneous turns, so your always occupied and engaged. Beautiful models, for stunning visual effects. Modular built, to provide variety making […]